Gluten Free Restaurant

Glutent Free Sydney

Restaurant 317 is recognised among the most prominent Gluten Free Restaurants not only in Parramatta but in Sydney as well. 

Over 90% of our meals are suitable for those with coeliac disease or those who are avoiding gluten due to health reasons.

Our gluten free gnocchi and gluten free pizza bases are house- made and all gluten free pastas used at 317 Express are directly imported from Italy.
I was very conscious of coeliac disease due to family members being diagnosed with this disease plus I am aware that many people are choosing to eliminate gluten from their diets so we created a menu quite some time ago that caters to a gluten free diet,” Restaurant 317 Owner Pierre Sande said.

Our award-winning gluten free menu features items such as gluten free bruschetta, spaghetti marinara, gluten free Pizza 317 and more.